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Asbestos Removal in Kent


Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal

If the asbestos in your building has deteriorated and cannot be repaired then the only course of action is removal. Asbestos can be highly dangerous if not handled properly, so it is important that you employ the right people. RG Environmental are qualified, competent and will remove all asbestos products in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, HSE Document HSG210 and the current Environment Agency Codes of Practice.

Whatever the size and scale of your domestic or commercial project we have an impeccable safety record. We will carefully handle all asbestos materials and safely dispose of them at the right channels.

We Can Remove:

  • Cement wall panels, roof panels, tiles, rainwater goods, flues, ducts and water tanks
  • Insulating board panels
  • Ropes, yarns and woven cloth
  • Thermoplastic, vinyl floor tiles and moulded products
  • Bitumen roof felt and damp proof coatings
  • Fly tipped waste



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If you are in Kent, East Sussex, Surrey or South East London and require an asbestos survey or asbestos removal, then get in touch with us at RG Environmental.



Should asbestos removal not be a viable solution and if the material is undamaged, asbestos encapsulation may be the answer. This involves applying a protective layer which will protect the material in question against damage or deterioration ensuring harmful asbestos fibres are not released. There are a range of products that can be used to encapsulate the asbestos including boards, coatings or fabrics.

The relative ease at which asbestos can be encapsulated sometimes makes it a better alternative to asbestos removal which can be costly and time consuming. Whether or not the asbestos in your building can be encapsulated depends on the results of a risk assessment. Leave it to our specialists and we'll be able to give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your property. To arrange an asbestos survey in Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, South East London and the UK, contact us at RG Environmental.


Remedial Works

After an asbestos survey, our inspectors may recommend remedial works rather than asbestos removal or encapsulation. If your asbestos material is in stable condition and risks are low then our specialists can complete repairs to items such as asbestos insulating boards. If your building is being refurbished then we can undertake remedial work, such as drilling holes in asbestos materials under controlled conditions to allow for the installation of electrical fixtures, fittings and pipework

Every domestic property and commercial project is unique but we have the experience and skills necessary to provide honest and impartial advice to resolve all of your asbestos concerns. If you would like to book asbestos testing and asbestos surveys in Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, South East London and the UK, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at RG Environmental.



Highly recommended. Bob arrived when he said he would and carried out the sampling work in a safe and efficient manner. Very methodical in his approach and took the time to explain everything to me. Happy to carry out the sampling work where others aren't. Will be using again.


Customer in Maidstone


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